• Way: Dubai
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Type of tour: Classical tour

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01.10.2021 - 31.03.2022

Dates of races:

01.10.2021 - 31.03.2022

Planning your Emirates vacations in the period from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, you will be able to participate in EXPO-2020 DUBAI UAE - a unique event of a global scale! So you can add discoveries and new facets of international culture and cuisine to the beach holidays, enjoy unusual entertainment based on advanced technologies!

EXPO 2020 DUBAI is a colorful experience of amazing architecture, interactive performances as technologies of the future, a rich program of events with shows of lights, parades, classical music with opera and Bollywood musicals and more than 200 gastronomic joys-gala dinners from chefs in Michelin restaurants.










Pavilions of the participating countries

For the first time in the history of World Exhibitions, each country has its own pavilion!

Czech Pavilion

Monaco Pavilion

Singapore Pavilion

China Pavilion



Everything you like is on one place!

Performances and parades

Music, concerts, festivals


Unlimited taste enjoyment-dishes from all over the world

From street-food to haute cuisine with gastro-innovations

Aegean, Brazilian, Creole, French, Indian

Cigar salon and 64 more culinary destinations


Gastronomic trips on the Road of Spices -

A Paradise for Gourmets

200 restaurants for every budget and concept 

food including multi-sensory restaurants


Expo for children

The EXPO is not only interesting, but also comfortable for visitors of all ages!

Discounts on children's tickets: children under 5 years old-free of charge, up to 17 years old-50% discount.

An abundance of entertainment: parks, playgrounds, family areas, interactive entertainment.

Food: the restaurants offer a children's menu.

For transportation of young guests, as well as for children with disabilities, there is a rental of manual and electric children's chairs, as well as wheelchairs. Free exhibition buses have all the conditions for their comfortable transportation.

Travel to Dubai with Dolores Travel and buy tickets for EXPO 2020 from us!

For more information and contacts, follow the link:

Cost of Living:

Buying a UAE tour package from us.or just a tourist service – hotel accommodation, transfers or visa support, we will help you choose the optimal ticket format based on the dates of your trip and interests.

Tickets for the EXPO are presented from a one-day visit to an unlimited for all 6 months (inc. season tickets), standard & complex.

For a number of events, advance booking is required even in the case of a season ticket – our manager will help you understand the nuances

The following persons can attend the EXPO for free:

1 Children and youth under 17 years of age

2 Students

3 Pensioners (60+)

4 People with disabilities (the accompanying person receives a 50% discount)


  • Hotel:Hotel 1/1 *

The three main entrances to the EXPO-2020 complexes are located 20 minutes from Dubai Marina – the most fashionable area of the emirate. Here are located:

* the most luxurious hotels

* prestigious restaurants, including the Air Flying Cup

* famous skyscrapers as the "Princess Tower"

* extreme bungee jump from a skyscraper along water channels

* AquaFun Water Park – an inflatable city on the water

* marina with yachts

* the best beaches

You will not be bored, and having devoted the morning to a beach holiday, you can easily move to the world of EXPO with our comfortable transfer.

Include / Exclude

To visit the largest event in the Arab world and organize a vacation in the UAE from tour operator with favorable prices, you don't not even need to buy a tour.package. It is enough to purchase one of the following services:

* hotel booking – do not forget about promotions and special rates of tour operators to get the opportunity to stay in a 5* hotel at the price of a three-star

* visa support – if your country does not have a visa-free agreement. You can find out more about the list on the website or by contacting the manager

* transfer airport – hotel – airport, as well as hotel – exhibition complex EXPO-hotel

Complement your relax with comfort and vivid impressions that happen only once in a lifetime and become the first eyewitnesses of the humanity's outstanding achievements demonstration at EXPO 2020 with Dolores Travel!

Questions and answers:

What is the schedule of EXPO 2020 Dubai?

The exhibition is open 7 days a week according to the following schedule:

* Sat – Wen.:10:00 - 00:00

* Thu – Fri.:10:00 - 02:00

Where are the EXPO-2020 exhibition complexes located?

The EXPO-2020 exhibition complex is located in the Dubai South District, near the Al Maktoum International Airport.

Are there any recommendations for choosing clothes for EXPO-2020?

There are 2 factors that should be taken into account when choosing a wardrobe for a vacation in the UAE and a visit to the EXPO.

1 Climate

The hot climate, which reaches a temperature peak in summer, suggests the choice of clothing made of light, natural fabrics that cover the body from the effects of strong sunlight. The climate also assumes universally installed, powerful air conditioners, where the closed format of clothing will help to avoid colds.

In spring and autumn, a light jacket or jacket will be enough, and in the cool winter, do not forget to take a warm jumper with you.

2 Culture

To make your stay in the emirates as comfortable as possible for you and others, we recommend that you show respect for the local culture by giving up excessively open, tight-fitting outfits, especially in places of mass visits.

Are there places for namaz on the EXPO territory?

Yes, there are special prayer rooms on the territory of the exhibition complexes

What is forbidden to take with you when visiting EXPO 2020 in Dubai?

 Professional shooting equipment with lenses larger than 30 cm

• Food and beverages (except children's and special dietary products)

• Any laser devices and stroboscopes

* Animals (except service and auxiliary animals)

* Devices with increased noise (drums, whistles, horns) that interfere with comfort

* Sticks, canes (except auxiliary ones for persons with limited physical mobility)

* Signs and banners

* Religious, political, provocative or obscene inscriptions on clothing

* Oversized items that are inaccessible to electronic inspection

• Any hidden marketing items

• Any items with the Expo-2020 logo, trade name and/or any trademarks that are suspected of being counterfeit

* Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.


Unusual features of each of the three thematic zones presented in the pavilions of the participating countries:

Australia will become a guide on a journey through the universe, introduce astronauts and show a retrospective of achievements over a period of 60 thousand years.

Brazil will plunge into the Amazon basin – there is both natural music of the tropics and walking on the water.

Korea presented a pavilion that is constantly changing its shape – the very personification of mobility as a symbol of the future. Korea will introduce both traditional culture and the ultra-popular K-Pop musical phenomenon.

Russia will present in its pavilion the possibilities of ultra-high-speed information exchange over long distances. From gastronomic joys – restaurants of Russian cuisine in the assortment.

Singapore will present new amazing discoveries in the field of urbanism and share discoveries in the field of zero energy consumption. The pavilion seems so organic to the natural environment that it is impossible to believe in its artificial origin.

France and its conceptual pavilion are dedicated to the light of enlightenment. Experts will talk about innovative developments in the field of renewable energy and solar panels.