toprak kalaToprak Kala – is the of the city-fortress, existed during first centuries of Common Era – sixth century C.E., and it served as a residence of Khorezm kings during 3rd – 4th centuries (the territory of modern Beruniy district of Karakalpakistan). It was first explored in 1938 under supervision of S. P. Tolstova.

Right-angled town in construction (500×350 m) was surrounded by walls with arched corridors and towers; the main street led from the south gates to the temple of fire.

The whole construction was broken into ten blocks by streets. There are ruins of palace at the north-west part of the town, which was built up a 14 m high base, with total square of 80×80 m) with 3 adjacent towers. There are about a hundred excavated residential and utility houses, 8 halls decorated with extruded clay sculptures and also many other rooms with colorful wall paintings. Also were found ceramic containers, weapons (along with big bow), beautifies, documents printed on leather and wood with common notes.