yeseninGreat Russian poet Sergey Yesenin (1895-1925) came to Tashkent in May 1921 to visit his friend, a poet Alexander Shiryaevets. Even though his trip was informal, he numerously appeared in public, recited poetry on poetical soirees and in houses of his Tashkent friends. As for the evidence ofeye-witnesses, Yesenin liked to be in an old city, to stay in chay-khanas (tea houses) of Sheikhantaur and Urda, listen to Uzbek poetry, music and songs, as well as visiting picturesque surroundings of Tashkent with his friends. He made a short trip to Samarkand, and on 3rd of June he left his beloved Turekestan for good. Yesenin Museum in Tashkent accounts for 3,000 exhibits, including manuscripts and autographs of Yesenin, his lifetime’s publications, photographs, and memorable objects. Valuable manuscripts and rare documents were donated to the museum by poet’s children and relatives.

Sitting room’s interior gives us an image of European family’s mode of living in Tashkent in the beginning of 1920-s. The museum was opened in June 1981 on the basis of collections donated by private people. In December 1988 the museum received a status of a state museum. The lecture-room of this museum hosts Yesenin’s poetry recitations, readings of contemporary poets, and art exhibitions.

Working hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Day off: Sunday
Guided tours: in Russian are free of charge. Group should be not less than 12 people. A guided tour should be requested in advance.
Information taken from “IC Patent Service” CD