tashkent useful informationAll the larger hotels offer these facilities. The main post office is near Alaisky Bazaar at 7 Shahrisabz St (on the corner with Tolstoy, open 8am-7pm). EMS (Express Mail Service) is at 4 Turkiston, near the railway station, tel. 1333269, International calls can be made here, but an easier phone/fax option, at reasonable prices, is the 24-hour Alp Jamol Business Centre (‘Biznes Markaz’), 7 Abai St, at the Navoi crossroads, which offers more reliability than the Central Telegraph Office over the road at 28 Navoi Ave. Enquire about phone cards (e.g. Connect and Oxygen).

For domestic enquiries dial 009 (for individuals) or 09 or 64 (for government agencies and private companies), or dial 2440912 from private homes, 2443962 from hotels. For cellular phones, try Coscom, 118 Vakhidov St (tel. 1521551,, MTS Uzbekistan (formerly Uzdunrobita), 16 Usmon Yusupov St, (tel. 2300909,, or Beeline Uzbekistan (formerly Daewoo Unitel), 1 Buhoro St (tel. 1333330, Check to see which mobile companies in your country have reciprocal agreements in Uzbekistan. Coverage is unlikely to be nationwide.

Note that telephone numbers in Tashkent changed in late 2007. See Golden Pages ( for an online guide to the complicated changes.


Most hotels have money-changing counters (24-hours), likewise the airport and the International Railway Ticket Office near Tashkent Station. To get hard currency from traveller’s cheques or Visa, head to the National Bank of Uzbekistan, 23 Okhunboboev Street (tel. 2336070), and at 101 Amir Timur St (tel. 2336070), or the Alp-Jamol Bank, 21 Otaturk Street, off Broadway opposite Ardus supermarket (tel. 2321600). If you need to have money wired to you, try the ABN Amro Bank, Business Complex (west side, 4th entrance), Khamid Olimjon Square (tel. 1206141), or the various Western Union offices. Be warned that many ATMs around town are decorative only.


Several Internet cafes are marked on the Tashkent map; largest is the Internet Markazi at the post office (see above, tel. 2339611), but many more should open, so ask your hotel for the nearest location. Local Internet service providers include Naytov, with various outlets in Tashkent, and HQ at 32 Matbuotchilar St, (tel. 2321364); try-also Uzpak, (tel. 2448287); Globalnet,; or the Business Communications Centre.


In an emergency, call the Tashkent International Medical Clinic, 38 Sarikul St, tel. 2910142, 1910726, mobile 90-1852088, www, with western and Uzbek doctors. A consultation costsUS$ 120-150 for non-members. For a VIP ambulance, call 2332625/2331903.

First choice hospitals are the VIP Hospital No.1, at 40 Mokhlar Oyim St (tel. 648400/ 1), or the Polyclininc No.l, 65 Zhukovsky St (tel. 2360884). Dentists include the expensive but recommended Stomaservice, at 428 Buyuk Ipak Yuli (tel. 2643916,, or the Mariam Al-Haibi Dental Clinic, 30 Abdulla Kodiry St (tel. 2357233).


British Council, 11 D. Mirabad/Kounaev St, University of World Languages building, near Kosmonavtlar metro, tel. 1400060/61/62/63, The Goethe-Institut recently moved to 42 Amir Timur St, tel. 2342390, taschkent, right besides the Alaisky Bazaar.