If the word is burning with the fire of truth, 
It will turn the stone into water. 
But if the word is deprived of truth 
Would it turn into the thread for pearls’! 
And if the thread is strong and safe 
What is the value of it without pearls!
Straight is the cypress and turned towards the sky,
It never withers.
Straight is the string of the tar,
But if it breaks it coils up.
Straight is the line, on which you write,
And your pencil will never go aside.
But if you put your dots carelessly,
All your manuscript will go haphazard.
Truthfulness is the essence of honourable people.
Two themes are seen within it.
Firstly, be honest not only in words
But also in thoughts and deeds.
Secondly, scorn the world of falsehood
But speak out the truth intrepidly.
Both qualities are good in themselves
And together mark greatness of spirit.
Once a man is known to lie and deceive, 
Though he tell the truth, no one will believe.
Truthful speech is the wise man’s token. 
But some truths wisely remain unspoken.
Learning is knowledge acquired in small portions, 
As drops make the rivers that flow to the oceans.
Seek from others the knowledge they own, 
Never rely on thy powers alone.
Spurn the company of those whose talk is vain, 
But give ear to the wise again and again.
A hard-earned coin is better by far    
Than unearned riches bestowed by the Shah.
Treasure the moment, it will not last; 
Only the fool lives in future or past.
He who stands apart or turns his face 
Deserves no place in the human race. In the midst of a crowd alone he stands; 
Even to clap requires two hands.
When justice is the corner-stone of power, 
A ruined land will soon be made to flower.