If you choose to visit Uzbekistan, you will not be disappointed. This country has so much to offer whether you’re a photo enthusiast, sportsman, or a person who loves nature and wants to feel connected to it. Uzbekistan landscapes and breathtaking views will catch your eye and capture your heart. The widest variety of resorts will satisfy even the pickiest customers.

Although traveling is a great and pleasant experience, sometimes it requires a little bit of effort to visit foreign places. In order to come to this beautiful country, you will have to receive an Uzbekistan tourist visa. Read on to find the answers to the questions about Uzbekistan visa requirements that are most important and frequent. Plus, some valuable tips about how you can acquire a visa for Uzbekistan.

What Kind of Visa to Uzbekistan Do I Need and Why?

Foreign visitors are supposed to get a tourist visa for Uzbekistan due to the rules stated by the legislatures of this country. But Uzbekistan introduces a visa-free regime for a period of 30 days for citizens of another 45 countries of the world from 1 February 2019. The list includes:

Andorra Canada Hungary Monaco San Marino
Argentina Chile Iceland Mongolia Serbia
Australia Croatia Ireland Montenegro Slovakia
Austria Cyprus Italy Netherlands Slovenia
Belgium Czech Republic Latvia New Zealand Spain
Bosnia and Herzegovina Denmark Liechtenstein Norway Sweden
Brazil Estonia Lithuania Poland Switzerland
Brunei Darussalam Finland Luxembourg Portugal United Kingdom
Bulgaria Greece Malta Romania Vatican

There is some good news for tourists who are wondering about the Uzbekistan visa for the UK citizens as well as for people from Italy, Austria, Spain, Latvia, Japan, Belgium, France, Germany, Malaysia, and Switzerland. They don’t need to waste their precious time trying to obtain a visa and they don’t need visa support. They can simply send their applications to the diplomatic and consular offices of Uzbekistan. The decision in such cases is usually made within just a few working days.

Being a foreign citizen of other countries, you can receive your Uzbekistan visa with the assistance of this country’s consular and diplomatic missions that are represented abroad by embassies. To get an Uzbekistan embassy visa you must go through two simple steps:

  • Getting a visa support letter.
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Republic of Uzbekistan should give you written permission;
  • Getting the visa itself.
    This is what you can do at the Embassy or Consulate of Uzbekistan in your home country, in a third country, or, in some cases, at the airport (Uzbekistan visa upon arrival).

Do I Need a Visa Support and What Does It Mean?

Visa support is simply a kind of permit for granting a tourist visa to a non-citizen. Visa support can only be given by a licensed travel agency. The agency fills out the necessary applications and then sends them for consideration to the MFA. Usually, the entire process takes from seven till fourteen days, so you won’t have to wait for a long time to finally go on a vacation.

Getting visa support from our agency means getting free of any problems connected with traveling to Uzbekistan. We offer advisory services, consultations, and supervision of the process. As soon as the visa support is approved, we will notify you via e-mail or fax and tell you the document’s reference number. Having your Uzbekistan visa application form and this number, you will have no difficulties with receiving an Uzbekistan visa.

It is important to mention here that travel companies like Dolores Travel are officially allowed to submit the documents for getting a visa support letter for you not earlier than a month before the day of your arrival. Another thing to remember is that we only give assistance to our customers, who have purchased any of the tour packages we offer and confirmed their stay in one of the hotels we work with.

What About the Uzbekistan Visa Fee?

Another substantial thing that you shouldn’t forget is that every applicant will have to pay a certain sum of money for being allowed to enter the country. It’s a rule, and you need to follow it in order to get everything ready for your travel. So, keep in mind that visa fees range from $40 to $160. The sum doesn’t depend on what your home country is, but it depends on where you apply for your visa and how long you’re planning to stay on the territory of Uzbekistan.

For example, a 2-week stay in the country will cost $50 per person, while the one-month visa is $60. If you’re going on a family vacation with your children, you will be glad to know that kids younger than 14 don’t need any visa for traveling. The Embassy or Consulate of Uzbekistan may require some additional fees in order to compensate them for the actual expenses related to the process of giving you a visa.

Besides, our agency charges certain fees for giving visa support. Any person of more than 16 years old should pay $25 if their visa period is less than two weeks and $50 – for the duration of up to a month. You can contact our managers in order to find out how much it will cost you and the people you travel with.

Are There Any Particular Visa Requirements for Uzbekistan?

There’s a list of some most important and necessary documents and papers you need to provide if you want your application to be considered by the embassy. We know that nobody likes doing paperwork and collecting documents, but you actually won’t need too much to request a tourist visa. Here’s a short list of things you will definitely have to prepare:

  • your passport with a relevant expiry date, which should exceed the duration of your visa period at least for three months;
  • two photographs of passport size (3×4 cm), capturing your whole face on the light background (your face must occupy at least 80% of the picture, and you can’t wear sunglasses, hat, or anything else that hides any part of your face);
  • two copies of your visa application form filled out correctly and completely.

Can I Receive a Visa Upon My Arrival?

Foreign travelers who have a desire to come to Uzbekistan and whose home country doesn’t have the consular or diplomatic office of Uzbekistan can apply for a visa in one of the third countries. Sometimes, though, they can also obtain their visas right at the Consular Bureau of the Tashkent International Airport upon their arrival. In this case, they need to receive an invitation from the Uzbekistan citizen beforehand. The inviting person should address the MFA in advance and receive a written permit. Then, he or she sends the permission along with the invitation letter to the person invited. These are the only documents that will allow you to get your visa right after your plane lands and then freely enter the country.

What Are the Difficulties I Might Face?

Sometimes, traveling can be a bit complicated and stressful process, so you should be ready for some problems you might encounter. The most common misfortune is when the MFA simply refuses your visa application. Just note that they have the right to ban you from entering the country, and they don’t even have to provide any reasons for that.

Whom Can I Contact for Help?

We offer a full-service, online and telephone consultations for those willing to visit Uzbekistan. So, if you have any unsolved matters, we are ready and always happy to give you assistance with your visa, whether you need complete visa support or just an answer to one question. We will do anything that might help you have a great holiday.