Navruz originates from Zoroastrism times and remains favorite holiday among Uzbekistan people. On March 21, at the vernal equinox, a new day and new life come, and it is time for Earth renewal. Usually, sunrises at Navruz and shines brightly all day long. Bad weather or rain is rare. Navruz should be celebrated in a good mood with fun, songs, and dances. It is necessary to go to see friends or invite them to your house. And of course, cook sumalyak, a traditional dish of this holiday.

Before the holiday, houses, streets, and house entrances are cleaned and decorated with flowers and twigs of blossoming trees. All debts should be paid, and offenses and quarrels stopped so that to enter new year pure and innocent like a child. It is thought that all sad and negative should be avoided, though visiting ill and infirm so that to enrich holiday for them is a good deed. Ancient people said that in order coming year to be full of good events, everyone at vernal equinox should be in good mood, generous, lay gorgeous table and eat and receive gifts with gratitude. At this day people try to get blessings from the elderly – teachers and parents. And comply with requests of family members or friends and not deny assistance, and in this case all year there will be help from people and the Lord. There are a lot of traditions, rules, sayings, and legends connected with Navruz that promise prosperity in the new year.

Dolores Travel Services company wishes you that all illnesses and misfortunes leave with the winter cold, that you are always open for happiness, welcome sun, enjoy every new day and live a full life. Let all your deeds prosper, projects realize, and let the holiday come to your house! Let new opportunities and roads open in the New Year. We wish you to travel a lot, meet good people, and gain lots of impressions!