The history of mankind didn’t know any Governor that wanted to keep the memory of his name through the centuries. Abdulaziz-Khan, the descendant of the Ashtarkhanids dynasty wasn’t an exception. He chose this worthy way like its predecessors – enrichment of the spiritual & cultural heritage of his city by building the madrasah. 

The place chosen for the construction is also noteworthy – exactly opposite the madrasah, built by Ulugbek two centuries before the beginning of the fifth Emir of Bukhara reign. The project was originally conceived – it was assumed that the Abdulaziz Khan’s madrasah will become a crown among Central Asian architecture and grandeur of the Ashtarkhanids dynasty. Its greatness is demonstrated even with a high entrance portal, adorned by luxury artistic decor. The outer polyhedron is elaborately decorated with rich ornament and stylized stalactites. For the first time, it was used yellow paint. Especially the entrance on the right is carefully observed by tourists. There is a legend that on top of the statues was veiled Khan’s portrait. Some even manage to see the image of a man in a headdress. Consisting of complex include both summer & winter mosque, also made with great artistic taste and dazzling decoration. 

Not only decorative colors distinguish the madrasah from many others – all the design was atypical for the canonical structures of the East during this time. The usual ornaments geometry gave way to more abstract, intricate patterns. There are also mosaic, carved tile and marble, surround majolica tiles and frescoes from alabaster. Commonly is used gilding.

Abdulaziz-Khan’s pretentious concept was meant to be. Built in the 17th-century madrasa struck by its beauty. It was impossible neither compare nor confuse with others. For the first time, the walls were covered with tiles & paint landscapes, trees & flowers, as well as images of the mythical bird Simurg & Chinese dragons.

Now, Ulugbek & Abdulaziz-Khan madrasahs are being considered as a single ensemble. Their century, stylistic, ideological contrast attracts great attention. A special value remains the fact that we see still see original mosaic, that hasn’t been subjected to restoration.