Forty kilometers from Samarkand is a holy place, which attracts hundreds of pilgrims every year. By Arabian version of the legend King David after many years of the reign in

Israel was sent to Asia with a mission – to preach monotheism. Muslims call it “Hazrat Daud” (Saint David). Those days religion, Zoroastrianism was dominated, and fire worshipers began to haunt him. David ran to the mountains near Samarkand and began to pray. The God heard him and gave a gift of melting the stones by the hands. Daud raised his hands to heaven, parted the rocks and disappeared into the cave. Then Hazrat Daud was regarded as the patron of blacksmiths.

By another version of the legend Samarkand ruler captured and forced Daud to work for the ruler’s needs. Actually no one knows the true reason why the king of the Jews became a local saint and a patron of blacksmiths in Samarkand, but this place is very revered by local people.

Many people believe that the cave takes the most incredible wishes. There is a handprint of Saint David on the rock, pilgrims touch it and ask the wishes. They say that Daud especially helps to women desperate to have a baby. Therefore, it can be seen many couples on the road to the cave, they want to meet with reverence miracle. Some people stay for a few days.

Local people and many pilgrims believe that it should be walked up 2500 steps to the holy cave that the wish will come true. Or it is offered to do a way by a horse or a donkey. There is a tiny mosque at the top of the mountain.

Cave Hazrat Dawood is not included in the main program of sightseeing in Samarkand. However, tour operators of Dolores Travel Service usually offer to travelers to include the trip and to visit the holy place (extra day in Samarkand).