20 + 30 = 50: the largest Russian tour operator for receiving foreign guests, Academservice celebrated its 30th birthday, along with the significant date of the Best Eurasian Hotels chain with its 20th anniversary. The guest of the gala evening was Dolores Travel Group. 

 2.5 million tourists - this number of guests is annually served by the Academservice tour operator. As an experienced and sought-after partner, Academservice has trusted its travellers in the reliable hands of professionals from Dolores Travel - a company that has been its permanent service provider for over 12 years. Our company representatives were awarded a memorable prize for long-term cooperation. Tour operator Dolores Travel is a leader in the Uzbekistan tourist market. By organizing tours not only in Central Asia but also in Russia, it gained popularity and strong ties of cooperation in many countries of the world.

 The award ceremony was held on November 8, at the Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park hotel in Moscow, where the countries of the post-Soviet space and their 800 representatives from the tourism sector gathered for an event that was effective and useful in terms of gaining new partners.

 The festive event of the hotels and partners took place to the nostalgic songs of the “Mashina vremeny” group, while the Moscow lights gave the magic colour of the night.