The luxury of the Oriental Bazaar is an indispensable attribute that appears in the imagination at the mention of Uzbekistan, rivaling the azure-blue monuments’ magical beauty. In every city of our country, there is at least one colorful and noisy Bazaar, where all the delights of taste and soul are sold– from the famous Uzbek fruits, spices, and sweets to national jewelry, skillfully made by hand.

Alay Bazaar Tashkent gained popularity and the status of a prestigious trading place in the Soviet period. Located on the "European" city part, it has grown into two-story buildings. The Alay Bazaar Tashkent is named after mount Oloy, a gray-bearded elder among Uzbekistan’s trade domes. To appreciate the impressive market’s age, imagine that the Great Silk Road’s merchants stayed here for centuries. Between the 12th and 19th centuries, the Tashkent oasis gained a reputation as a favorable place for trade among the multinational population - Uzbeks and Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and Tajiks. Since such ancient times, the range of products offered was striking in its richness-vegetables and fruits, meat, milk and spices, masters of pottery and silk weaving presented products in a single copy.

In 2016, was made a global market’s reconstruction, and now this shopping complex with gold galleries and a currency exchange office on the territory combines modern infrastructure and the necessary amenities for a comfortable shopping! Centuries later, the Eastern market has acquired a new look, but a hundred updated counters are still full of gifts of generous Uzbek land, looking brighter and more attractive!

The city-heart location is an additional advantage of Alay Bazaar. For the capital’s guests, located in the Wyndham, City Palace, and Hyatt hotels, it is within walking distance-5 minutes’ leisurely walk.

The square in front of the Bazaar has lawns and flower beds, it is decorated with a fountain – a pleasant way to cool off on hot summer days and a popular place for walking in the evenings, where becomes more lively, students and families with children ride skateboards and bicycles.

On the territory of the Alay Bazaar square, there are 3 cafes with European, national dishes and fast-food, soft drinks, tea and coffee, the youngest children will find a playground, music plays everywhere.

It is not difficult to pick up hundreds of colorful words to describe the unique organism that is an Oriental Bazaar, but even they will not be enough to convey its elusive mysterious atmosphere and palette of bright colors, pleasing to the eye, alluring smells, polyphonic crowds, and ancient trading customs!