The Akhunbabaev Young People’s Theatre

(The Republican Theatre of Young Lookers named after Yuldash Akhunbabaev or Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan)

The Tashkent Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan was founded in 1928 by two enthusiasts, doctor S. Ethien and artist S. Malt. At that time, the high-sounding name of the theatre implied nothing but the two creative people’s desire to familiarize children with dramatic art and instill them a sense of beauty.

The Moscow Meyerhold Theatre presented costumes and stage scenery to the young theatre.

“Uncle Tom’s cabin” was both the first play staged in the Theatre and the beginning of the Theatre’s history.

Since then, many classic fairy tales were staged within its walls, such as “The tinder-box”, “Three little pigs”, “Thumbelina”, “The Scarlett Flower”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and many other wonderful spectaculars where Theatre has always sought to not only show but also involve the little spectators in the performance.

The Theatre repertoire is wide