tashkent transportThe main long-distance bus station is the Tashkent avtovokzal (tel. 793929), five minutes’ walk through a bazaar from Sobir Rakhimov Metro (western terminus of Chilonzor line).

Ticket-sellers may request you first register upstairs with the station police (OV1R). The further the destination, the less frequent the buses, so consider buying tickets a day in advance.

The good news is that privately-run Daewoo minibuses, outside the bus station, provide faster and more frequent services, leaving when full, while share-taxis also compete for your custom.

There are currently no bus services to the Ferghana Valley, so try a share-taxi from the Severnay Vokzal, where night buses to Samarkand and elsewhere also wait, A taxi to Samarkand or Ferghana will cost around US$30 for the car.


Located just seven kilometres south of the city centre, Tashkent (Yuzhny) airport will pleasantly surprise previous visitors, with its renovated terminal, and better transit facilities. However, departing passengers should still allow plenty of time to clear customs. There are two terminals 200 metres apart: international (Uzbek: halqaro, Russian: mezhdu narodniy) and domestic (Uzbek: makhalliy, Russian: messniy).

At the international terminal, arrivals are on the ground floor, departures on the first. Second and third floor offices include various airlines (potential tickets—see list below), and a branch of Uzbek immigration (potential visa extensions). The international airport tax of USS10 is pre-paid in your ticket, but a recent ‘security tax’ of US$3 has to paid at check-in.